Ductless mini-splits aka mini-splits are the newest and most efficient systems for todays homeowners and business owners. These systems provide cooling and heating in a quiet and economical fashion which will provide you and your family comfort for many years to come!

Whether you are adding an addition, improving an uncomfortable room, adding cooling/ heating to a particular area of the house or building a new home, mini-splits can custom tailor to solve your particular problem! Sometimes these systems are better alternative to central A/C units because they avoid the need to have large and expensive ductwork installed in your living space which can require extensive demolition and time to complete! The mini-splits also take a fraction of the time to install compared to central A/C units. Another benefit of the mini-split is that these new and efficient systems can be installed with multiple cooling / heating heads in different parts of your home or business which allows you to cool or heat particular areas as needed, thus saving money and energy!

A mini-split heats a space by taking the heat energy outside and then deposit that same heat energy inside the living space. To cool a space, the mini-split merely reverses the process and sends unwanted heat energy out of the living space. The cutting edge technology that allows this to happen is quite advanced and efficient, allowing your family to stay comfortable when its either hot or cold outside!